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Friends Southwestern Burial Ground (FSWBG) is owned and led by two Meetings (congregations) of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) which are located in Philadelphia.  Since our founding in 1861, we have offered simple burial without regard to a person’s faith background.

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We offer many options for a burial in our cemetery.

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Seekers of Spiritual Truth

About Friends Southwestern Burial Ground

FSWBG started out as farmland.  Over the years we have worked to maintain the grounds as a peaceful and beautiful amenity for the local community and for families whose loved ones are here.

We are looking to the future, encouraging green burials and working toward Green Burial Council certification as a hybrid burial ground, to support the health of the natural environment upon which we all depend.  We are exploring new emerging options for environmentally friendly disposition of bodies which we may offer in the future.

As Friends, we try to live according to certain values:

  • Simplicity

  • Peace

  • Integrity

  • Community

  • Equality

  • Stewardship

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To date there have been more than 4,000 burials at FSWBG representing many faiths.  Quakers urge all those who bury their dead here to conform to true burial simplicity.  Green burials and use of shrouds rather than coffins are encouraged.  All graves are dug and refilled by hand, and only Quaker style headstones or low flat grave markers are acceptable.  Take a virtual tour of our beautiful grounds.

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