Shroud burial is a type of burial practice where a deceased person is wrapped in a burial shroud or cloth and then buried directly in the ground. The shroud used in shroud burial can vary based on different cultural or religious practices. It may be a simple linen cloth or it may be more elaborate and decorative. The shroud is typically wrapped around the body of the deceased and sometimes secured with rope or some other kind of fastener. A shroud or fabric wrapping is used instead of a coffin or other burial container. This practice is common in some religious and cultural traditions.
Shrouds are arguably one of the first funeral products and have been used within various societies for burials. A shroud initially could have been an animal skin or cloth. These shrouds were used as a covering to protect the person that was buried as well as for utility (in order to assist in lowering the person into the ground). Shrouds can also be part of the ritual of burial and assist in the reverence and care shown to the preparation of the deceased.

Eco Friendly Burial

It is an eco-friendly burial method and has been advocated for in natural burial movements.Shroud burials are environmentally friendly because they do not require the use of non-biodegradable coffins or burial vaults which are composed of toxic materials that break down in the ground. In addition, embalming chemicals are not necessary with a shroud burial (often the person is buried as quickly as possible when choosing a shroud burial so that they do not need to be embalmed).

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