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Traditional Burial

Though we encourage green burials, we are able to do traditional burials with a pine box or casket (coffin).

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About Traditional Burial

Although we offer traditional burials, we no longer do burials that include a vault, due to their environmental impact. Rather than relying on the weight of a vault or the use of heavy machinery to compress the soil all at once, the grave site will naturally settle over time and we will fill in with more soil as needed. We hand-dig the grave to the necessary dimensions. Family members and loved ones can choose between a traditional casket (generally made of metal) or the more environmentally conscious option of a simple pine box. We strongly encourage the use of green embalming fluids to reduce contamination of the soil. The casket or pine box is carried to the graveside and placed on a lowering device that we set up. Shovels can be provided and family and friends may choose to fill in some or all of the grave with soil, if they wish to do so.

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