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Designated infant section

Infant and Child Burial

We offer green burials for infants in a designated infant section within the burial ground.

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Customized hand dug graves

About Infant and Child Burial

Infant graves are hand dug to the dimensions given to us by the funeral home. An earthen coffin is created by digging ledges into the soil that a wooden board rests on. This board creates a seal above the rectangular earthen recess that is dug into the ground (also called a niche). The niche acts as the coffin when boards are placed on top. Loved ones typically fill in the soil and place a temporary wooden name board onto the grave site. Infants may also be buried within a larger family plot purchased by the family.

We work with funeral homes to create customized hand dug graves for the burial of children. These burials can be green, simple pine box, or coffin burials depending on the wishes of the loved ones. Pricing varies for the burial of children. Please inquire for further details regarding these burials.