The Burial Ground is open 365 days a year from dawn to dusk. Entry by car is through the gate on Powell Lane, There is a pedestrian gate into the rear of the Grounds from half way along Kent Road.



Both Quakers and Muslims value simplicity in burial arrangements. We ask that you do not adorn your loved ones grave with large displays of Plastic flowers or other items and that you do not place fencing or other items on or near the grave, we discourage wired together floral arrangements which are hard to dispose of.

Especially in the Muslim section graves will settle heavily after rain or frost requiring maintenance that fences prevent. Fences also make it very difficult to cut grass or remove weeds from graves.

Gravel or crushed stone on the graves unless carefully maintained also allows grass and weeds to grow.

When the grave is fully settled we will grass the area.



The burial ground does not require headstones.  If a headstone is installed it should be either what is known   as “Quaker Style”, or else be almost flush with the ground.(rising 1-2 inches) Headstones should be plain with just the name and dates of the deceased. It is especially important that no quotes or pictures of the Koran should be on a headstone. Headstones must be authorized both by us and by the registered owner of the burial plot they are to be placed on.

Please contact us if you want to install a headstone in the Infant burial section.

The Burial Ground does not sell or install headstones - We recommend contacting these local firms who have installed stones here, but are happy to work with whoever you instruct. 

The firms will then contact us to authorize the stone and for us to mark the grave.

H C Wood

6400 Baltimore Pike

Lansdowne PA 19050

610 622 0550


Montrose Memorials

8500 West Chester Pike
Upper Darby, PA 19082

610 789 2988


Monuments by Parise

89 Fairview St

Carbondale PA 18447




A detailed description of a Quaker style headstone is:

Sixteen inches long horizontally, eight inches thick and rising six inches or less above the ground, inscribed only with the decedents name date of birth and date of death. The stone may have a Scotia (beveled indentation around the top edges). Lettering can be Roman (with serifs) or gothic (without serifs). Headstones should be marble or granite in appearance. Headstones must be installed, and a foundation for the stone must also be installed to prevent movement. The burial Ground currently makes no charge for marking the place of installation or for permitting the installation.

For Gravestone “flat” to the ground in the Muslim section we recommend them being elevated by 1 – 2 inches from the ground to keep them clean and stop grass covering them and a size of 24” x 12” or similar.