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 Big Maple Tree

Big Maple Tree

Simple  Burials 

We offer interment of loved ones soon after death in plain, biodegradable coffins or shrouds without a concrete grave liner.

Conventional Burials

We also permit full burials including coffins and concrete grave liners, as well as interment of cremated remains.

Prices of Lots

The burial ground is divided into areas according to lot size. Below are lot prices according to size. A grave can contain one full burial (or two if the first is at double depth) and two cremated remains. The cost includes perpetual care of the lot.

Sections L, M,G &. X - single graves - $800 

Section I - 2 grave lots - $1,500

Section D - 4 grave lots - $2500

Sections B and C - 10 grave lots - $6000

for Infants lots cost $125 up to age 3, inquire for Children 3-16


Opening charges are $1,000 for burial in a shroud or a Muslim burial

$1,200 for a coffin burial.

$1,500 for a vault burial

$125 for infant burials.(no extra charge at weekends)

$350 for cremains burials The opening charge includes perpetual care of the grave.

There is an additional charge of $200 for weekend burials or those on public holidays.